“Connect with yourself, discover your genius”

We cannot be at peace with others unless we are at peace with ourselves. We cannot be at peace with ourselves unless we connect with ourselves.

FE Advisory supports the world wide mission of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Vihangam Yoga Sansthan (“SSDVYS”) that promotes use of Vihangam Yog life skills to re-establish self-connect and reinforce a life where virtues of self-restraint, respect, contentment, sense of gratitude and perseverance provides a rock solid foundation for anexhilarating and peaceful life.

Peace, Youth and Development are interlinked. Any societal progressive transformation requires transformation at individual level. A peaceful society provides enabling environment for progressive learnings to youths of the country.

An individual is the smallest unit of a society at large. We strongly believes that every societal challenge has its roots in human mind and therefore while we have to work relentlessly for the upliftment of mankind, we must not disregard the role of restless and fluctuating mind.

We have been actively engaged in organizing VY corporate yoga workshops and Yoga retreats for audiences from various spectrums of the society in Africa for last five years. The beginner workshop model shares scientific and easily implementable powerful yogic techniques to establish an equilibrium in energy flowbetween body, mind and soul. This 15 minutes of daily practice has proven to provideastounding benefits in terms of relentless focus, higher levels of productivity with reduced time, strong emotional balance & will-power and above all a great sense of peaceful being.

CONTACT US for organizing an introductory workshop with your office colleagues, community or a bunch of friends for a fun filled experience. In line with our corporate social responsibility commitment, no professional fees is charged for conducting VY workshops.

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